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OUTERBURST is the new studio project by bass player and producer Santo Clemenzi (From The Depth, 5th Element). He teamed up with drummer Massimo Goletti, which has been his "rhythm section mate" since they were in Deimos up to 2014, and californian guitarist Erik Peabody, the "Viking Guitar" that rocks all over the network with his outstanding video game metal covers. German singer and vocal actor Michael Gildner completes the project line-up.

Album artwork by Caio Caldas (CadiesArt)
Drums recorded at PFL Studio (Cava Manara, PV, Italy)
Mixed and mastered by Santo Clemenzi
All songs written and arranged by Santo Clemenzi

Released February 1st, 2016

The first mini album entitled "Phase A: Kaishi" has come to life during 2015, everything has been recorded during summer 2015 while all vocal parts have been recorded in November 2015. All songs have been written, arranged, mixed and mastered by Santo Clemenzi.

The album is a 4 track EP and it will precede a full length album with a lot of new songs already written for the most part. The album cover artwork has been realized by brazilian artist Caio Caldas, who also worked with Dragonforce, Doro and Paul Di'Anno among many others.

Besides the official line-up, "Phase A: Kaishi" includes other talented musicians as special guests: former Labyrinth singer Roberto Tiranti will feature on song "Reborn" on all vocals. On the same song, Armonite keyboard player Paolo Fosso will perform piano and synth solos sharing the leading parts with From The Depth singer Raffaele "Raffo" Albanese on guitar solo. Guitar player Riccardo Piroli, who shared the stage in the past years with Santo Clemenzi, will play all lead and solo tracks on songs "Release The Brake" and "Nightmare".

Album line-up

Michael Gildner - Vocals
Erik Peabody
- Guitars
Santo Clemenzi- Bass
Massimo Goletti - Drums

Secial guests

Roberto Tiranti - Vocals on "Reborn"
Raffaele "Raffo" Albanese - Guitar solo on "Reborn"
Paolo Fosso - Piano and Keyboard solo on "Reborn"
Riccardo Piroli - Guitar solos on "Release The Brake" and "Nightmare"

"Nightmare" lyrics video